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Instantly Build your own customized checker set that can change as often as you want!

A simple twist of these amazing new "picture frame" checker pieces lets you instantly “build” extra fun and personality into the ever popular strategy game of checkers! The game play of checkers,  also known as draughts, challenges you to move your pieces across the board without being captured. Make it all the way across and you can become a King!


2 Players - Ages 6 and up

 AWARDS- Winner of Dr Toy Best Vacation Products Award!
                  Creative Chid Magazine Preferred Product Award!

These "I Built It!" checkers let you choose any of your favorite pictures and add them right into every game piece. Choose family photos to make a personalized game – try out the kids vs. the grownups, or use stickers to create a game with your favorite super heroes against the villains. Any pictures… any photos…even your own artwork can be used to create a one of a kind checker set that reflects your own special personality, interests and hobbies. You can even build learning into your game by adding pictures of important people, places, and things! Changing the pictures takes only minutes so your game can never be outgrown or outdated - it always stays fresh and fun!

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This game meets or exceeds all required safety standards.

Each game comes with 12 red and 12 black checker pieces made of durable yet lightweight plastic. These jumbo sized checker pieces are each 2 3/4 inches around, so there is plenty of room for pictures. Also included in each game are a picture sizing stencil, an instruction and idea sheet, and a 24 inch square red and black game board, This oversized game board folds down to fit in a 12 by 12 inch box, but your custom checker set makes such a fun and colorful display that you might never want to put it away!

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