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This "I BUILT IT!!" version of Snakes & Ladders is a fun jungle adventure where children first get to "color their own game pieces, then race through the jungle climbing up vine ladders and sliding down the tails of slippery snakes...
This fun and classic game is often a child first experience playing a board game

The over-sized 24 inch game board has amazing artwork... and fewer spaces... to help keep the game moving quickly and hold the interest of active preschoolers! Of course the best part is letting children color and create their own game pieces! With all the fun of being creative, either with crayons, stickers, markers or paint... every child ends up feeling like a winner in this special "I BUILT IT!" game of Snakes & Ladders! 

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Fun and exciting race through the jungle! Kids, ages 3 and up, can become jungle adventurers by racing jumbo size game pieces filled with their own photographs.

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